Head Temple Taisekiji

logo How to use Smart Guide

 The “Smart Guide of Taisekiji” is available at various locations at Head Temple Taisekiji.
 By using your smartphone and tablet to read the QR codes, you can view explanations in multiple languages and photos of Buddhist structures and historical sites on the temple grounds. (Photos of the seasons and events, as well as photos of the interior of the buildings that are usually inaccessible are also available).
 *An Internet connection is required to use the Smart Guide.
 *The same information below is available to download as a PDF file.
   How to use(PDF 790KB)

 How to use 
1. Find the Smart Guide

Check the map at the bottom of this page and go to the location where the Smart Guide is installed.
(The following Smart Guide is attached to pillars, signs, panels, etc.)

2. Read the QR code

Use the camera of your smartphone or tablet to read the QR code and connect to the dedicated website.

3. Scroll through the website

Scroll to view descriptions and photos
(You can switch to another language from the menu in the upper right corner).

 Location of Smart Guide