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    The Urabon-e Ceremony

    The Urabon-e Ceremony was solemnly conducted at the Head Temple.
    It was also held at all local temples in Japan during the Urabon period in July or August.

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    Scenery of Head Temple

    We have released the following video of slideshows, so please enjoy!
    Please note that music will be playing in the video. 

    “Sakura in full bloom” (April)
    “Fresh Leaves and Azalea Flowers” (May)
    “The Azalea and Hydrangea” (June)
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    The Daigyō-e Ceremony

    May 1st is the anniversary of Nanjō Tokimitsu, the great lay believer of Head Temple who offered huge donation for establishing Taisekiji, whose Buddhist name is Daigyō Sonrei. On the day of this year, the Daigyō-e Ceremony (the memorial ceremony for Daigyō Sonrei) was solmenly held at the Reception Hall of the Head Temple.

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    The Risshū-e Ceremony

    The Risshū-e Ceremony, celebrating the 768th anniversary of the establishment of true Buddhism, was officiated at the Mieidō and Kyakuden in the Head Temple and in every local temple in Japan.

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    The Ceremony for Repaying Debts of Gratitude for the Inner Declaration of True Buddhism

    The Ceremony for Repaying Debts of Gratitude for Inner Establishment of True Buddhism was solemnly held at the Head Temple.

  • Head Temple


    The Tokudo-shiki Ceremony

    The Tokudo-shiki Ceremony (The ceremony of entering priesthood of new priests) was officiated by High Priest Nichinyo Shonin at the Head Temple.