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“Kenshokai” has no relation to “Nichiren Shoshu” (4 July 2006)

 Recently, members of the “Kenshokai” have initiated antisocial acts. They appear in the news and sometimes falsely report that their organization is associated as a lay organization of Nichiren Shoshu.

 This Kenshokai was previously known as “Myoshinko,” an organization formerly connected to Myoenji Temple in Tokyo.

 However, because they disobeyed official regulations set forth by Nichiren Shoshu, they were ordered to disband in 1974.

 Since then, they continue to be active and have changed their name from “Myoshinko” to “Religious Corporation Kenshokai” or “Kenshokai of Fuji Taisekiji,” which is neither related nor associated with Nichiren Shoshu and/or Taisekiji.

 It has been more than 30 years since the disband proceedings took place. Since then “Kenshokai” has taken an individual path and is clearly no longer associated with Nichiren Shoshu. This is a reminder in light of these false reports.

Nichiren Shoshu Head Office

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